Monday, May 4, 2009

Subway Wrap

Monday 27th April 2009
Another day off, this one is because Anzac Day fell on a Saturday, so everyone has a public holiday, we did go into work for a while though.
We went into work early to get things ready for tomorrow morning before going to Bunbury, we needed to get some trainers for the kids and as Busselton is either useless for these things or closed depending on which day of the week it is, we decided to check out Bunbury shops instead.
Bunbury shops weren’t a great deal better than Busselton shops really, apart from the fact that they were open of course, but we did manage to find trainers for Fraser and Kristian.
We had lunch in Subway, Carolyn and the kids had their usual Subs, Ian tried a Wrap for a change. We didn’t realise that they did Wraps, Ian thought the one that he had was great.

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