Monday, May 4, 2009

Archery Park

Sunday 26th April 2009
We got up early’ish this morning and went to Archery Park, we were the first ones there so didn’t have to queue, we just had a brief lesson on how they work and we were gone.
There were nine targets in all, there were three different distance markers from where to fire based on age, size, ability etc.
Ian, despite having to fire his arrow the farthest, romped it with Marisa coming second. Carolyn came third after realising half way through the course that she could get her best scores by blurring her vision somehow, this seemed quite odd at the time as the rest of us were of the opinion that it was probably better not to mention safer to have a good view of what you are aiming at, but it worked for her so who are we to argue, Fraser came forth, while Kristian trailed along in fifth place.
You will notice that we didn’t say Kristian came last, Ian has decided that he wants to have a go at being politically correct for fear of injuring his sons feelings and getting sued at a later date, so we say he came fifth even if technically he did come last.
After the Archery we went home, made the kids a picnic and headed for the beach, we picked up the Sunday papers on the way and the kids had their picnic on the beach while we sat in the afternoon sun drinking coffee, reading and eating Nachos.
In the evening we tried to watch a Sylvester Stallone film with the kids, Cliffhanger, we had seen it before and couldn’t remember anything that could be inappropriate for the kids.
We must just get acclimatised to the swearing and violence that goes on in films because this film had loads of it right from the start, needless to say it got switched off and the kids had to watch some of the old BBC sitcoms that they show on Foxtel instead.
One of Ians aunts rang tonight, it would appear that in the UK now, you can ring Australia for nothing, the only criteria being that the call doesn’t last more than an hour, so Ian was chatting to her for just under an hour as she was timing it.
While that was going on Carolyn was chatting to Doreen from over the road, it would appear that sadly, their next door neighbours son has died.
Ian then watched Arsenal stuff Middlesborough 2 – 0 in the English Premier League, now that is what we got Foxtel for and Ian is looking forward to next season already.

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