Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

Sunday 10th May 2009
It’s Mothers Day today, Ian had planned on us all going out for a slap up Breakfast but that got blown out of the water when the kids decided that they didn’t want to, preferring to have a bowl of Cereal instead. So they had their cereal and Marisa made her Mum Coffee and Toast with jam for Breakfast, which she had in bed, no doubt the crumbs will remind us of that moment when we get into bed tonight.
Carolyn was quite happy with the kids and animals offerings on Mothers Day, she got a girt big bunch of flowers and a couple of bottles of wine from the kids, a Brown Bear from the cats or that may be cat as one of them has disappeared and a not so Brown in a Beigey sort of way Bear from the rabbits, none of whom have disappeared.
The Bears have stitching on their feet which reads I Love Mum, it almost looks as if they have been branded.
Ian was wondering if perhaps this stitching/branding of toy bears is perhaps a cult thing, after all you wouldn’t buy your daughter a dolly with I Love Being Branded stamped on its forehead would you.
That’s because little girls see little dollies as little people and perceive that the branding would hurt them, this in turn would hurt the child, so we don’t do it.
Has anyone ever thought that the ritual branding of these poor bears every Mothers Day, Christmas etc has an effect on how our children perceive these poor creatures in the real world, it’s alright to be cruel to a bear because it’s fluffy imitation was never going to talk back to a little girl, so is not real.
Teddy Roosevelt has a lot to answer for, probably not as much as all the Presidents since but we won’t go there.
The branding of Teddy Bears should be abolished for fear that they give our children the wrong idea of how to treat animals, all the Teddy Bears in the world that have been subjected to this barbaric procedure should be retuned to the makers for immediate brand removal and Plastic/Fluffy reconstructive surgery.
Having caused lots of trauma by taking away all the little boys, girls and mums branded Teddy bears, they could then demand compensation from the government whose fault it must have been that we bought the bears in the first place, those of us that have got loads of branded Teddies would all be worth a fortune and never have to work again.
Ian didn’t have much to do this morning.

Late morning we picked up one of Marisas mates and went to the foreshore for coffee and a read of the papers, we relaxed while the kids played on their scooters and rip sticks.
We had lunch at Subway on the way home, after which the kids went off to play while Ian and Carolyn went for a romantic walk along the beach.
This evening Carolyn and the kids watched Mrs Doubtfire with Robin Williams, it is just as risqué as the other films that we have checked out for suitability for the kids, but Carolyn seems to think that this one is ok for them. Ian thinks it’s just because the humour is a bit more adult and Carolyn thinks that it is above the kids awareness, little does she know.

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