Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kevin Rudd Didn’t Stimulate Us

Monday 11th May 2009
The weather is starting to get a wintery feel about it, it is getting down to temperatures that make you feel like not getting out of bed in the morning, at least not until the sun has had a chance to warm the house up a bit.
In reality, Ian has worked for so many years doing late turns or in pubs, he will probably be retired before he reaches the point where he feels like getting out of bed in the morning, even on a warm day.
The workload at the Café seems to be levelling out now, presumably in response to it starting to feel wintery, so we are looking at ways to try and boost trade, especially in the afternoon.
Ian and Carolyn went to see the accountant this afternoon to sign off our tax returns for last year, would you believe it, everyone else in the country that fills out a tax return seems to be getting stimulated by Kevin Rudd and given $900 for the pleasure.
Just because we didn’t pay him any tax to start off with last year and no doubt because we still aren’t totally accepted over here he is not going to stimulate us, now how mean is that?
After work, Ian and Carolyn went for a walk down by the beach to see if one of our cats, Sterling, had got himself lost in the bush down there. we haven’t seen him for a couple of days and he does like his meal times, so we thought we had better try and find him, no luck though.
Fraser had a mountain of homework to do again tonight, he did as much as we would let him but if we let him carry on, he would be doing it for homework sake and not for learning sake which would be pointless.
Kristian didn’t go to Cubs again this week as we were not sure if there was going to be enough adults there to look after them.
After the kids went to bed, we watched the film Burn after reading, it was vaguely amusing but not really our thing, it will go on the crap film list.
Carolyn said that she was glad she hadn’t paid to go and see it at the cinema, Ian then pointed out to her that if we had we wouldn’t have gone out and bought it.


Ganeida said...

I must say I'm with Ian. Cheaper to be rorted at the cinemas than pay for a DVD. I hate buying something I've never seen & don't know that I'm prepared to watch more than once.

Bummer about Rudd. Hope he's the only one who isn't really accepting of you but, you know, pollies are like that. ;)

The HoJo's said...

He just has to try to have the last word :o) it was a cheapo bargain bucket dvd, cheaper than 2 seats at the cinema, and for kids films dvds are generally much cheaper than 5 seats in a cinema even taking into account that we are mean and don't buy the kids popcorn and fizzy junk!

x Tightwad