Saturday, May 9, 2009

Monday Morning Mayhem

Monday 4th May 2009
The Café was busy today, usual Monday morning mayhem plus a lot more, perhaps they felt sorry for us after not coming in on Saturday.
Carolyn went last minute shopping for birthday presents for Marisa, she has to have enough cakes and sweets to feed School, Scouts and Home otherwise she’d feel hard done by.
In the evening Carolyn took Kristian to Cubs and brought him back about half an hour later, the Cub leader is having great difficulty getting a second person to help her run the group so gets her son to assist and as the Cub leader is supposed to have responsible adult support, we were not prepared to leave him there.
Carolyn spent the evening wrapping birthday presents, Marisa spent the evening being totally hyper at the thought of her birthday and unable to sleep.

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Ganeida said...

Happy Birthday to Marissa & good luck with the cub thing. Volunteer help for these things has been impossible for years. I found I was always *volunteering* although I never owned more than 1/20 of the group at any given time. No fair.