Sunday, May 10, 2009

An E-Mail from Sarah

Tuesday 5th May 2009
We all got up early this morning so that Marisa could open her birthday presents before Ian had to go to work, she was over the moon with everything she got.
She got loads of cards and some emails, including one from her sister Sarah who is still in the UK which made her really happy, that is to say it was the email that made her happy and not the fact that her sister is in the UK.
On the contrary, she would be over the moon if she came to stay with us over here, she is so done with her brothers and desperate for someone to have girlie chats with.
She took Chocolates into school to share her mates there, in the evening she took a Cake to Scouts to share out amongst her friends there and when she got back from Scouts she had her Chocolate Birthday Cake for supper.
Fraser received some good news from school today, he got 64% for his Science test that he did last Friday and 90% for rewriting the Nicene Creed in his (own) words.
Fraser and Marisa brought four boxes of chocolates home with them from Scouts, the idea being that they sell them to help raise funds for the Scout Jamboree which they are both going on next year.
When the kids went to bed it was a bit late for us to watch a DVD so we checked out the Foxtel TV guide to see if there was anything worth watching, as it happened there was a film just starting that was only short, we had never heard of it before but decided to watch it anyway.
The film in question was called Boa and starred, if that’s what you would call it, Dean something or something Dean, the guy who played the young Superman on TV.
He must have fallen on really difficult times to have been reduced to accepting a role in this pile of Do Do, it was terrible and must rank as one of the worst films we have ever seen and we have seen a few naff ones.
We hope he felt suitably ashamed after that one and went back to acting school for a refresher course, cos he wouldn’t have impressed too many potential employers with that one.
The worst part of the film was at the end when they fly away into the sunset only to find the snake on the plane, they wrap a parachute round its neck and sling it out of the back of the plane, this could only mean one thing, the Director thinks he is in with a chance of doing a sequel, because with a parachute wrapped round its neck the snake is going to have a safe landing and go on to terrorise the rest of the world, or part of it anyway.


Ganeida said...

Heeheehee. I'm so pleased *he* did well on the Nicene Creed. ;P

Jennifer said...

Did you get our email? Eldest did send one :)

The HoJo's said...

Ahem, good to see I haven't lost my touch :o)

Yes thank you, she did Jennifer, replies are elusive as yet but shall be forthcoming after the homework back has been broken :o)