Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Football, Real Football

Saturday 16th May 2009
It was fairly busy again today which is quite unusual for a Saturday, but we knew it would be because we had lots of other things to do, like make Chicken and Mushroom Pies with the mix we made up last night and bake a load of Cup Cakes for us to sell at the Scout Sausage Sizzle tomorrow, Sods Law we call it or Murphy’s Law as the aussies call it.
The kids and Marisas boyfriend spent the morning playing at Yoganup Park and then came back to the Café for lunch, we seem to be feeding Marisas boyfriend more often than his mum is at the moment.
We finished work just before 5pm, went home and chilled out until the football started at 7.45pm. The real football that is, not the Sky High Ping Pong that they call AFL over here, Scum Utd v Arsenal. It ended in a draw which wasn’t a bad result, but it gave scum Utd that championship and that hurt.


Ganeida said...

Bummer, eh?! C'est cera. {no, I know that's not spelled right but at this time of the morning I can't think let alone spell.}

Anonymous said...

Good on yer Man U. You're the best.

The HoJo's said...

I can't do the early starts you do :oD

go on anon, leave a name :o) thanks for dropping by.