Friday, May 22, 2009

14 Ladies What Do

Monday 18th May 2009
Last week on Monday morning we had 14 ladies descend on us at the Café for coffee and a chat, apparently they used to use another Café not far from us but when the owner decided to sack one of the staff, who just happened to be their favourite, “for no reason”, they decided to try us instead. Some were obviously happy with us, because they said they would come back again this week.
This morning before it got busy we organised enough tables and chairs for 14 and stuck the reserved signs out.
Last week they arrived at about 10.15am so we had everything ready for then, at 10.45 we came to the conclusion that they had changed their mind and put all the tables and chairs back where they should be.
Two minutes later, 14 ladies descend on the Café and we have to move all the furniture again, we did it, we got their coffee out fairly quickly and it looks like we are now their Café of choice, at least until the owner of the other Cafe takes the member of staff back on.
From that point we remained busy and ended up having quite a good day.
After school, Fraser had loads of homework to do, Marisa had managed to do most of hers at school after she finished a test quickly, so finished the rest quickly when she got home, she had better hope that she did well in the test.
Kristian didn’t go to Cubs tonight because he wasn’t feeling well, he must be ill he couldn’t even eat anything.
After the kids had gone to bed, we watched the Mel Gibson film, Payback, it can get a bit grim in places and is probably not for the squeamish, but it is a great film and he does need all the royalties he can get at the moment, after all divorces can be expensive.

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