Thursday, April 2, 2009


Monday 30th March 2009
Carolyn woke up this morning feeling ill and if we could have found a replacement wouldn’t have come into work today, as it was, Ian took the kids to school so that she could get a bit more rest before she had to come in to work from 10am to 2.45pm.
It was a fairly busy day at the Café today and the kitchen got a bit hectic at times, but we coped as we always do.
It’s amazing really what we are all capable of in times of stress and urgency, it doesn’t matter how short staffed we are we always seem to cope, we might always be about to use the last plate or coffee cup, but then there will be a 30 second lull and we would have had just enough time to get through the next rush. When we were in the pub trade years ago, one of our area managers used to tell us that situations happened like that because of fate, we used to tell him that they happened like that because he was too tight to give us a decent wage budget to cover these hiccups, he used to laugh and we used to put up with it.
Now we are in charge of the wage budget, we are paying the staff too much and they take too much time off, whatever happened to having your annual holiday on Christmas Day?
Marisa was very tired again this morning and has been told that under no circumstances is her lack of sleep over the weekend allowed to interfere with her schooling, if it does she will be stopped from going on camp in future, it worked, she didn’t moan and put on a brave face all day.
Kristian went to Cubs tonight and had a good time, they learned how to kneel on the floor and pick up sweets off the floor with their teeth. The sweets were still in there wrappers, but Yuk.
We had an early night.


Vic said...

It sounds a bit like that game where you have to put on the scarf, gloves and hat and try to cut a piece of chocolate of a rather large bar and eat it. A great idea as a kid but as an adult you come to realise just how gross it probably is.

Ganeida said...

I've done the get dressed & eat chocolate with a knife & fork thing but eating off the floor ~ nah. That's what we keep the cat for.