Thursday, April 2, 2009

100% for Marisa

Tuesday 31st March 2009
Carolyn went to the kids assembly at school this morning, totally out of the blue, Marisa was called up to receive an award for the hard work she had put in including gaining a 100% mark for a Science Experiment, she now knows how to make sherbet.
At about 9.30am today, the Café started to get busy, by 10am it was heaving and by 10.30am Carolyn had been called in to help out and we were just about keeping our heads above water.
It turned out that there had been a fire at the other end of town which had caused a power cut, there were no food establishments operating for about two and a half hours on the other side of town.
Needless to say we tried to make the most of others misfortune, having the best day since the Christmas holidays, we are now contemplating employing an electrician on a casual basis to see if we can arrange for a power cut to happen maybe twice a week.
Fraser brought a Candle Holder home from school, he made it in his Woodwork class, he has made a really good job of it although if we use it we will need to use the Tea Light Candles that come in a foil case otherwise we would be likely to burn the house down.
Ians Dad and Janet fly back to England tonight, Ian spoke to him on the phone before he left for the airport, he said they had a good time, did plenty and were now going to have a rest.


Vic said...

Are you sure you had nothing to do with that outage?

Ganeida said...

You can't do that! So how do you make sherbert? [thinking of Ditz here]