Friday, April 24, 2009

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

Monday 13th April 2009
Easter Monday and no work, what a lovely feeling, the weather is great, so we went to Meelup beach for a while to have what will quite possibly be our last swim in the sea before next spring.
When we got to the beach the water was a little bit on the rough side for Meelup, but that didn’t stop Ian and the kids from going for a swim and gave Marisa a chance to practice her surfing.
Carolyn and her dad didn’t fancy a swim today, so just relaxed under the umbrellas on the beach.

After an hour or so on the beach we loaded up the car and drove to Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, Carolyn and the kids had been there a couple of months ago and said how beautiful the area was, that was a week before a bushfire swept through the area, coming within a few metres of the lighthouse.

We did the Lighthouse tour, we felt we needed to keep our legs moving after the last couple of days doing the tourist bit and where else could you be guaranteed to find some steps in the middle of nowhere.
Fortunately this Lighthouse only had a few steps as it was built about 130 feet above sea level, the guide said it was 130 metres above but that doesn’t sound right, it did however mean we had to walk up a hill to get to it.
After the Lighthouse we went home for a late lunch before Ian and Carolyn went to the Café to get the machines ready for work tomorrow, Carolyns dad and the kids carried on building the bunny run.
In the evening we had a BBQ and watched the film Iron Man, it was good fun viewing.

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jennifer said...

is that a naked lighthouse? ;)