Friday, March 27, 2009


Thursday 26th March 2009
It was a little bit busier in the Café today, but nothing like last Thursday and not as good as we would hope for on a pension day.
Carolyn got a beer voucher in the post today, this bottle shop that she apparently hardly ever goes into has sent her a voucher for a bottle of Peroni Low Carb Beer free of charge for being such a good customer.
Carolyn swears blind that she hardly ever goes in there, but still gets a voucher, Ian goes to a bottle shop most weeks and gets nothing, sounds fishy.
This afternoon Carolyn went shopping for a Pac-a-Mac for Fraser to take camping this weekend, after all we are getting to that time of year when the heavens can open at any time.
Pac-a-Mac, now that’s a blast from the past. We probably haven’t seen a Pac-a-Mac in the UK in over twenty years, there have been loads of imitations like the Kagoule which are far superior, but the Pac-a-Mac, well that really is one for the history books.
Ian is now toying with the idea on buy the sole selling rights for Kagoules over here, he reckons that in another ten or fifteen years time when WA starts to evolve and embrace progress, there could be a good market for the Kagoule, after all it will be so modern.


Anonymous said...

Twice now you have mentioned the rainy season - should I be getting worried? Bring wellies from (relatively) sunny England ?

The HoJo's said...

I don't think you need worry, the mac is on the camp list and he will grow! We have the odd downpour, and extended shower really nothing much, but generally the days are warm, I think you will find them very hot. Just cool in the morning and late evening. We walked in the evenng in t shirts last night and paddled, the ocean was lovely.

Anonymous said...

Well I hope as the voucher was addressed to you that you will be making use of it and not Ian! x

Marcus said...

What is a pac-a-mac? What is a kagoule?
Never heard of either of them.

The HoJo's said...

Oh Yes SM, I shall make sure to do that, I lurve Peroni, not sure if it will be as good now they have tried to make it healthy, we shall see.

Marcus, thank you for playing along nicely :o)