Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Muffins for 12

Friday 27th March 2009
Carolyn went into school this morning as she does most Fridays, to help some of the kids with their reading.
Today she took some baby bunnies in as well, to show them to Marisas class this time, hopefully between the two classes that have seen them so far we will be able to find enough takers when we decide to get rid of some, at the moment they are costing a fortune to feed.
Fraser and Marisa went to Scout camp again this weekend, this time they went to a camp site even further southwest than we are, it is called Contos and is supposed to be a great spot for camping.
Our input for the Camp, apart from pay and supply the kids, was to make enough Muffins to feed them all, this Scout Troop seem to survive on Bacon Sandwiches and junk food.
We had been asked to drive the kids to the campsite this afternoon, so Ian closed the Café up early on what was probably the busiest afternoon of the week and we turned up at the Scout hall to meet the rest of the Troop.
When we got there, they told us that they had enough room in the cars to fit our two in, so we didn’t need to drive them ourselves.
We weren’t totally impressed by the fact that we had closed the Cafe early for no good reason, but it did save us a two hour round trip on a Friday evening, so we looked on the bright side, drove the car home and as it was a nice warm afternoon, took a walk down to the pub.
We didn’t stay long, and came home for tea and an early night.

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Ganeida said...

Petrol, wear & tear on the car ~ = a night off. What's to grizzle about? ;)