Saturday, February 21, 2009

School Helper

Friday 20th February 2009
Carolyn went into school this morning to help the teacher listen to kids read, it is a similar thing to what she was doing in Kristians class last year but is only for one day a week. There is however, a sign up in another class asking for volunteers for first thing in the morning, so it probably won’t be long before she applies for that.
We weren’t over busy in the CafĂ© today which gave us time to go round the shops and get some bowls for the Homemade Lasagne, Shepherds Pie and Cheesecake that we are going to introduce to the menu. In the afternoon Ian made up a pan of Bolognaise mix for the Lasagne, Carolyn is going to put the Lasagne together tomorrow when she comes in to work.
We were supposed to be going to a friends house for drinks tomorrow night, unfortunately they run a Marina business and there is a Regatta this week and they don’t know if they will get the time so have called it off. This is the second time it has been called off, last time it was our fault when we double booked the staff Christmas Party, so maybe third time lucky.
On the bright side, Fliss has said that she is still happy to look after the kids tomorrow, so that means we will be able to have a bit of “US” time which will be nice.
The kids went to Freaky Friday tonight while we went to the Thai restaurant for a meal and then on to Gelato for an Ice Cream, after we brought the kids home and put them to bed we watched The Legend of Sleepy Hollow which meant that our intention of having an early night was blown right out of the window.


Ganeida said...

Carolyn wants to be careful with that helping out. That's what convinced me homescool was the way to go! :D

Little Nut Tree Blog said...

ooh I like that movie :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely - that movie's gotta be much better than an early night!