Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Bad Cake Day

Thursday 19th February 2009
It was a bit busier in the Café today and felt a bit more like trade was getting back to normal, it wasn’t manically busy and we coped easily without Carolyns help, but there were a few of the regular faces out today.
Michelle came into work with only a few aches and pains after last nights bike ride, we think that all the effort she put in might have scrambled her brain though.
Round about lunch time we had been serving quite a few donuts, Aden had been Burning quite a few donuts and the mix was getting low. Ian asked Michelle to make a batch of donut mix, she duly obliged only for Aden to find next time he was about to burn some donuts, that she had made up Muffin Mix instead.
Another batch of donut mix was made and the muffin mix was left to one side, Michelle, never one to pass up a “different” idea thought that the mix would make a good cake. So out came the 8 inch (20cm) cake tin and between Michelle and Rodelle they made a very chocolaty, very large muffin. When it was cooked they cut it in half like a Victoria Sponge while it was warm, filled it with butter icing which melted and then iced it with chocolate and white icing, Michelle who’s supposed to be the artistic one, iced the top and it looked like the biggest bodge job ever, we certainly won’t be taking on any commissions for wedding cakes or any cakes come to that based on this debacle.
Carolyn spent most of the day working at home only coming in to work for a bite to eat at lunchtime, a Veggie Burger with Bacon and Cheese much to the surprise of the kitchen staff.
After Carolyn got the kids home from school she told them that they could watch a film called The Tin Man which they have been desperate to see, if they do their homework first.
They all knuckled down to their homework and when Carolyn went round to check on them, she found Kristian and Marisa beavering away and nearly finished, Fraser was working on his homework, but it was the homework that is due to be handed in on the 24th Feb, the homework that is due in tomorrow was still in his bag, Carolyn was not amused.
Carolyn became even less amused when she found a letter in Frasers bag relating to places in Red Cross Cadets at school, this is something that Fraser says he wants to do. He got the letter a week ago and with places limited they are operating a first come, first served basis, so not much chance of him getting in there then.
Ian got home from work at 5.30pm and the kids were already watching the film, it got to 9pm and we had to switch it off otherwise the kids would be a nightmare to get up in the morning.


Anonymous said...

I hope you took a picture to send into cake wrecks!

Ganeida said...

Soundslike my girls who always want to turn things in to other things ~ sometimes edible, sometimes not. I've stopped paying attention to what it looks like. Last night Ditz whipped up a batch of cupcakes & as she popped them in the oven she dabbed some food colouring on top. ??? When they were cooked they looked like they had some strange spotty diseas but they tasted just fine. :)

The HoJo's said...

cake wrecks????

today we made cheesecakes, yum


Anonymous said...