Monday, February 9, 2009

One Year Today

Wednesday 4th February 2009
It was a year ago today that we landed at Perth Airport and started our new life in Australia, it has taken a bit of time to get used to the place and the pace of life can be a bit frustrating, but we love the place and can’t see us heading back to the UK voluntarily.
Carolyn came in to work this morning to drop Ians Copper and Magnet bracelet off, his elbows are still aching from time to time after being bitten a couple of months ago by mozzies, he reckons it’s Ross River Virus, but just to make sure it isn’t Old Age, Rheumatism or Rigor Mortis he bought the bracelet.
He only bought it a couple of weeks ago, so results are still inconclusive.

It was Elenas last day at work today, she is going to University in Perth for the next four years, so good luck Elena and keep in touch.
Carolyn helped clear up and organise our storage area at the Café before leaving with a car load of stuff for storage at home instead.
When she got home she emptied the car before filling it back up again with stock for the Café, she then did the housework.
After school Carolyn brought the Kids to the Café for dinner while we cleared up.
This evening we decided that we fancied a curry, which meant give Goa Curry another chance, the Curry was mediocre to say the least, the Onion Bhaji was ok, the Vegetable Samosa was good, the Nan Bread was crap, it was like trying to eat a stale cream cracker. As a package we made a mistake, we said after the last time that we wouldn’t go back, this time we mean it.
Curries only ever come out well when cooked by the people who have grown up with it and had to live off it, we would be very surprised if we ever saw any Indians or Goans queuing up for this aussies version of what should be, when cooked well, a lovely meal.

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Ganeida said...

I'm not big on curries but I have a Sri Lankan friend who does a curry I can eat & it is very yum.