Monday, February 9, 2009

Fly Screens R Not Us

Tuesday 3rd February 2009
Carolyn stayed at home today getting the books ready for the accountant, she also repaired the fly screen on Frasers bedroom window, it was about time, she ripped it about two months ago when she stuck a pole through it. If it’s any consolation to the local handymen and fly screen fitters, they haven’t got a lot to worry about, she is not quite good enough at it to go professional just yet.
Carolyn came to the Café with the kids after school, she helped clear up at the end of the day while the kids had their dinner.
In the evening, we had dinner while the boys did their homework, Marisa had a family quiz to do (7 D I A W, that sort of thing) which we helped her finish without cheating, in about three hours.
One of Marisas new school friends rang her tonight, they have arranged for the girl to come home with Marisa after school, eat with us and then go to Freaky Friday.
Marisa is really excited about it so we are using it as leverage to get her to behave herself when she goes to bed, normally she won’t go to sleep for hours and then can’t get up in the morning, for this week, if she wants her friend to come over she has to go to sleep early or we call it off. We are such nasty parents, but it works.

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