Friday, January 23, 2009

Christmas Cake

Tuesday 23rd December 2008
The Café was really busy again today, but yet again the new systems held up, the staff coped extremely well and nobody had to wait too long.
Carolyn went Christmas food shopping today, just to make sure we don’t starve before 2009, why do we buy so much food for what over here in Oz is a one day holiday where you can’t find a supermarket open?
Carolyn went home in the afternoon to ice the cake, it could be interesting, Christmas cakes over here don’t look like the ones we’re used to, they don’t come ready iced, we couldn’t find any Marzipan to put on an un-iced one, so Carolyn was reduced to Icing a dubious looking Fruit Cake without coating it with Marzipan and we couldn’t even find any plastic Christmas trees, Holly, Reindeer or Santa to put on it. It would appear these novelties are not appreciated in Busselton.
After icing the cake, Carolyn cleaned the house ready for the big day, ensuring that the kids were reminded on numerous occasions what would happen to them if they made a mess.

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