Sunday, January 25, 2009

Boxing Day 2008

Friday 26th December 2008
We woke up reasonably early today, Fliss and Aimee had become teenagers again and were refusing to get out of bed regardless of how much noise the kids were making.
Ian being the nice sort of person he is thought that they might prefer a bit of music to help them get up, so he put his Christmas present from them, Big Mouth Billy Bass, outside their room and got the kids to keep switching it on, after about two hours of listening to snippets of Take me to the River and Don’t worry be happy they gave in and emerged from their room.
We then had a late breakfast of Egg and Bacon sandwiches before Aimee and Fliss set up the Slip and Slide game in the garden, Marisa challenged Fliss and Aimee to a sliding contest and surprise surprise, she beat Aimee hands down. Fliss who had been telling us all day yesterday and this morning what a great thing it was to play, wimped out because she didn’t want to get wet (or had a hangover).
Early afternoon we took the girls back to their place to drop their gear off before going down to the foreshore for a coffee while the kids played on the beach, they couldn’t stay long because Aimee had to go to work but we had time for a bit of a chat before they went.
In the evening we were invited by Julie our next door neighbour to go round for a drink and nibbles, it was pleasant, we met Keith and Doreen from over the road who we already knew and another neighbour called Greg, it was all very civilised.
Greg is one of the fly in fly out people who work in the mines, he works something like six weeks on, two weeks off, his son lives there most of the time which explains why they have so many parties over at his house. We have now met four sets of neighbours officially, not bad for nearly nine months.
In the evening we watched Bourne II before having another early night, it would have been so easy to forget that we have to work tomorrow if we let ourselves.

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