Friday, August 1, 2008

Weston-Super Mare Pier Version 2

Friday 1st August 2008
It rained overnight, but it was not raining when Ian went to work this morning, we do however have a gale and rain warning hanging over us for today.
By the time Ian got to work and was about to put the chairs and tables it was raining again, there was no wind and it was drizzling. It made a change from the heavy, windy stuff we normally get, but it was still wet and by the end of the day we had more than our fair share of the heavy stuff.
Carolyn spent the morning making mashed potato in the hope that our Winter Warmer offer, Pie, Mash and Gravy would go down well which fortunately it did.
After making the mash and dropping it off at the Café, Carolyn had to go to the kids school to help Kristians teacher with a cooking lesson. Carolyn now knows how to make Damper, a mixture of Flour, Salt, Water, Milk and Butter. The kids in the class all said that it was nice, unfortunately they didn’t save any for Carolyn so she is unable to confirm it and is not likely to ever cook it again.
Fraser has managed to set up a password on his computer so that the others have to ask him if they can use it, Carolyn had to take it to the Computer shop this afternoon to see if they can decode it because he forgot what the password is.
The Café was busy nearly all day today, we put up a big sign in the Shopping Centre advertising the Pie, Mash and Gravy and it flew out. It looks like we could well have to cook batches of Mash every night after work if this carries on, as it is, by the time we remembered tonight that we need more Mash it was time for bed, Carolyn is working tomorrow so she has got the pleasure of making mash between 6 am and 9 am tomorrow before she comes into work.
It was a funny mix for food today, our mainstay is normally Turkish Breads, Sandwiches and Rolls, today it was all Soup, Warm Quiche and Pie and Mash, this crap weather must finally be getting to them and they are starting to look for warming comfort foods.
In the afternoon Carolyn went to the Vets and picked up a cat, the vet said it is a year old, but it plays like a kitten of about 6 months. She is going to see another one tomorrow so if she gets that one as well, it will depend on what its name is as to what we decide to call this one. This cat is a boy cat, big and fluffy, all fur and no body, he made himself at home straight away and the kids are over the moon that he is here.
In the evening we watched Over the Hedge with the kids, apart from Marisa, she was sulking in the lounge because she wanted to watch Terminator which has an 18 rating.
Yet another early night tonight, as it is going to be a long day at work tomorrow because yet again we are short of staff on a Saturday.
Sorry to hear about the Pier at Weston Super Mare which went up in flames the other day, still now when they rebuild it they will be able to do it so that it Compliments the new developments on the seafront which may one day happen. Who knows it might even make a good site for a Casino if the government allows it, that would be handy wouldn’t it.
For those of you that don’t know, Weston Super Mare seafront is a bit of a tip and has more than its fair share of druggies, Alcoholics and Gamblers.
To look at it is quite pleasant but is in need of a refurbishment. There have been loads of ideas bounced about, one of which was to have a Casino on the seafront on the site of a derelict building called the Tropicana. Needless to say, with so much potential money at stake there was a lot of in fighting as to whether it should go ahead or not.
In the end the government put the block on it last year, but you just know that at some point it will come up again and it would be handy if somewhere had been built that just happens to meet all the requirements.


Elena said...

you're getting kittens?? kittens are cute enough, but what happened to dogs being man's best friends? oh i guess cats are lower maintainance... *sighs*

Glowstars said...

pie mash & gravy, disasterous cookies (I could eat the dough before you start and save the trouble of cooking them), kittens - sounds like you're living in heaven!