Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Staff Night Out

Saturday 19th July 2008
Today was the quietist day in the Café that we have had since we have been here, in fact the whole centre was quiet. The weather was good today so in theory we should have had plenty of people around, but alas it was not to be. Saying that, we had decided that because it was so quiet and we were getting long spells without anyone in, as soon as we had swept and mopped we would close.
Needless to say, as soon as we had made the decision to close early we had at least a couple of people in at any one time and ended up closing later than normal.
We had our staff dinner tonight, it was our way of saying thank you to the staff that have been with us since we took over the Café and to say au revoir to Elena who is going to Italy and France for three months.
We arranged for Fliss’ house mate, Aimee (Bludger) to look after the kids for the evening, so at about twenty past six we dumped the kids at Fliss’ place with a load of food and some DVD’s, picked up Fliss and Michelle and hit the town.
First stop was the Ship Resort (a Pub), this was our meeting point before heading for the restaurant. We met Rodelle in the car park and headed for the entrance, none of us knew which would be the best bar to meet up in so we just went into the first bar we came to. Fliss should have known which bar would be best but could barely remember being there, Elena however did know which bar would be best and ended up standing on her own for five minutes before realising that we obviously didn’t.
We had a couple of drinks in the Ship before heading for the restaurant, we had booked a table for six at the Bull Café in town and when we arrived they showed us to a table built for four. We had been tucked up like this before in the Italian restaurant on Mothers day and that was with three kids, we were not going to do it again with six adults.
The staff soon caught on that we were not going to sit down at this table and quickly put an extra table on the end to make it a reasonable size.
There weren’t many people in the restaurant although there was one other larger group which we assume was a works dinner, we are assuming that it was a works dinner because they were all hairdressers.
How do we know they were all hairdressers you ask, the answer is in the hairstyle, in Busselton all the hairdressers are really trendy and have Debbie Harry hairstyles, you know, the Black and White look. If Debbie Harry knew how in fashion she is down here she’d wheel out her Zimmer frame and do a concert.
Anyway we had our little bit of childish fun at the expense of the Blondie fan club and then settled down for dinner, the meal, whilst not Haute Cuisine was pleasant and the company was great. We had a really good time and the wine was flowing, mostly in Ians direction although he did share it out.
We had booked a taxi for 10 pm, so when Elenas parents phoned her to offer to give her a lift home she told them that she would get a lift with us. Unfortunately the taxi didn’t turn up on time and as the restaurant was closing we walked round to the Ship to wait for it there.
The Ship was pretty dead really with only about eight people there other than us, there must have been more staff than customers, but the music was pumping so we had a bit of a boogie and another couple of drinks while we waited for the taxi which eventually turned up just before 11 pm.
We went back to Fliss’ place to pick up the kids, closely followed by a herd of Michelles groupies who pulled up behind us when we stopped. We put the kids in the taxi dropped off Elena at her house and headed home, it was a great night and hopefully everyone enjoyed it.

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Elena said...

it was a good night! thanks are in order again, it was lots of fun and something nice to remember while im away.
have fun at the cafe! good luck without me... youll need it! :p
hi to everyone :)