Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rainfall in Busselton

Wednesday 23rd July 2008
It chucked it down again last night and this morning, the wind was howling and the rain was persistently down and sometimes sideways. According to the weather man this morning the rainfall for this month was going to pass the metre mark today, now we know that sounds a bit extreme but it certainly feels like he might not have got his measurements wrong. The funniest part is, apparently we still need more.
The Café was fairly busy again today but we do need to get our refurbishment done quickly, at the moment we are carrying one extra member of staff in order that come the summer if it ever gets here, we will have good experienced staff in all areas and while the others are fighting for staff we will be sitting pretty. Famous last words.

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Anonymous said...

He he - we have had three and a half centimetres so far this month in sunny Essex (England). That's not as good as it sounds because I have had to do a lot of watering of plants and I may be losing the battle to save some of them.