Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh Fax, no Milk

Wednesday 16th July 2008
One short at the Café today, the youngest of our staff rang up yesterday to say that she didn’t want to work at the Café any longer because she felt she had been there too long. Seems like a weird excuse to us, we could have understood it if she was going because she was now expected to work for her money, but there you go, these things happen.
The milkman turned up late at the Café today, apparently this nationwide company called National Foods has only got one Fax machine on which to collect all of its orders for the following day.
The Fax machine packed up yesterday and none of the drivers had any orders made up when they turned up for work, instead their boss told them to just take out a load of milk and ask their customers what they wanted today. We put in a big order for today and also for a couple of Soya Milk which we would normally order only once or twice a week, the driver didn’t have enough milk on board to cover our main order and also didn’t have any Soya milk on board.
This company come very close to being the biggest bunch of cowboys that we have ever had to deal with, it is a Dairy and last Saturday it was a Dairy with no milk, a pub without any beer springs to mind, so we had to get our milk from the Supermarket.
We took the kids out after the lunch for a cake and shake at Dome, the real reason we were down that end of town was to book a table at the Bull restaurant for our staff night out on Saturday.
We have arranged this night out to say thank you to the staff for all of their hard work and help, even if we did have to pay for it, since we took over the Café.
The timing also coincides with Elena heading off to Italy and France for three months, she has assured us that she will come back and work the summer for us before going to university.
Carolyn pulled out all the stops tonight when making dinner, we were going to have Lamb Chops with Vegetables au Gratin.
Just before Ian was about to leave work, Carolyn rang to ask him to bring home some milk because she was making the Cheese sauce and had forgot to get the milk. Ian took home the milk as requested and Carolyn made a roux, she then announced that she had also forgotten the Cheese for the Cheese sauce as well.
We threw a tin of tomatoes over the Veg and nuked them because the Chops would be overcooked if we waited until we had got some cheese. Unfortunately our grill is pretty naff and tends to warm food rather than cook it, most of the Chops were undercooked and while this didn’t particularly bother Carolyn because she had the one that was cooked, the two youngest were not totally impressed, Fraser just sees meat and eats it and Ian doesn’t mind a pink bit from time to time.
Not the best meal she has ever cooked, but not the worst and she did remember the potatoes this time so we forgive her.

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