Thursday, July 17, 2008

National Foods are Clueless

Thursday 17th July 2008
The milkman arrived at the Café late again today, he arrived with some milk but without an order for us, fortunately the delivery staff that work for National Foods have a bit more nous than the staff in their head office on the other side of the country.
Ian rang them to find out why the driver didn’t have an order for us and to find out what was going on with their deliveries at the moment.
The girl he spoke to had obviously been having a hard day and was not very helpful other than to say that she didn’t want an argument, she dug out our file and said that today we should be receiving the order that we should have received yesterday.
When Ian pointed out to her that Milk is a Fresh Product and we buy it every day because our stock requirements change daily, if she could have been looking at him she would have looked at him like he was an alien, she really couldn’t get the concept.
Ian then asked her to look at our records and see if they had received our order for today’s milk and she said that she couldn’t find one, when Ian pointed out that every other supplier had received our faxes yesterday and that there might still be something wrong with their fax machine still she started talking about how we would be getting yesterdays order today.
She didn’t really have a clue and if the rest of the nation has been giving her an ear bashing this morning we feel sorry for her, but unfortunately you can’t get through to the bosses and our rep has left because he got so disillusioned with the company.
We reckon that if National Foods ever came up against serious competition they would go bust, they are as bad as they are because they have a monopoly over here, at the moment.
We look forward to receiving today’s order tomorrow.
The Freezer engineer turned up this morning and agreed that there was a problem with the Freezer door and ordered some parts, no doubt we will be waiting another six weeks for them to turn up.
We had yet another load of wood delivered today, we hate to think how much of the stuff this country must go through, our wood burner seems to eat the stuff. Carolyn helped the guy unload it because for some reason he hadn’t brought it in a tipper truck, on the bright side it meant that he had loaded it by hand so we only got good sized bits of wood.
Carolyn cooked dinner again tonight and remembered to get all the ingredients before starting to cook, it was a very nice meal of bacon and pasta.
The weather over here at the moment is not too bright, it is cold, grey, and the amount of rain that comes down is amazing, if this much came down in the UK you would all have taken to the hills by now. On the way home from work Ian had to virtually stop the car because he couldn’t see where he was going due to the torrential rain, still it all stops in a couple of months time and gets sunny again, then we’ll be able to complain about the drought.

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