Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Triple Pneumonia

Sunday 1st June 2008
Carolyn is still in the UK and Ian has got serious man flu, he had a lie in this morning and so did the kids, they are shattered after getting up at 6am for the last couple of days.
Ian was supposed to take them out for a bike ride today which he was dreading because he felt so ghastly and the boys aren’t very good at cycling yet, fortunately Marisa took pity on him and took the boys out cycling for him. We don’t know what she did but by the time they got back the boys had become proficient cyclists and were desperate to be out on their bikes for the rest of the day.
Ian being the kind lovely dad that he is and feeling decidedly under the weather with what is probably triple pneumonia, let them have their way and they duly disappeared for a couple of hours. Ian despite his aches and pains then set about the cleaning and ironing, in the hope that he would finish and be able to put his feet up before the kids got back.
No chance, kids have this in built system that alerts them as to when you are about to relax and sure enough in the came demanding sustenance and quickly. Don’t you love‘em? Just couldn’t eat a whole one.

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