Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Foundation Day

Monday 2nd June 2008
It’s a Public Holiday in Australia, or at least it is in Western Australia.
WA shuts down for Foundation Day, although nobody seems to know who’s Foundations we shut down for. Next Monday the rest of Australia shuts down to celebrate the Queens Birthday Gawd Bless’er, it doesn’t sound very patriotic to us and having got one Bank Holiday under their belts you’d think that they’d take the other one just for the hell of it but they don’t.
Ian is still feeling rough and is convinced that he has Quadruple Pneumonia it is so bad, so he had a relaxing day while the kids were out on their bikes, before spending all evening making enough Soup and Chilli Con Carne to sink a Battleship.
We have come to the conclusion that Australians do not generally go for Spicy Hot foods, so the ingredients you buy are not as Hot and Spicy as they are in the UK. Despite putting twice as much Chilli Flakes as he would do normally and a whole tin of Chilli Powder, it does not taste the slightest bit like Chilli Con Carne. When we put it on the Menu we will have to give it a dash of Tabasco to liven it up a bit, after all we wouldn’t want Ian’s Chilli to get a bad name just because of second rate ingredients would we.
Carolyn sent a message tonight saying that her Mum had got worse, we are all praying that she will recover.

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