Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ian tells the kids

Wednesday 4th June 2008
Ian and the kids were all up at 6am as usual, then dressed, breakfasted and off to the Café to open up. Once the Café was open it was off to school with the kids, drop them off and then back to the Café where Ian spent most of the day mulling over how he was going to tell the kids the bad news.
After picking the kids up from school they came back to the Café for tea before going home at closing time.
When they got home Ian called them all together and started his speech, starting slowly in an effort to get them to understand. Marisa saw the look on her dads face and in floods of tears immediately jumped to the conclusion that her Mum wasn’t coming back, it is sad to think that parents splitting up was the first thing that jumped into her head and a sad indictment on society that it is almost something that children expect.
Anyway this blew the speech straight out of the water and after being told in a far more straight forward fashion, there were tears all round for a couple of hours, questions were answered as best Ian could but being God fearing kids it always came back to why God had done it, a question Ian was not able to answer.

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