Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Winter is coming

Tuesday 13th May 2008
It’s been a quiet day at work today, the weather was bad with rain most of the day and we think winter is on its way. It was a pretty unexciting day today; we went out to look for a new car this afternoon and have found a couple that we might go back and look at tomorrow. All the decent looking cars over here have 3½ to 4 Litre engines and fuel prices are going up, fortunately this second car is only for Ian to drive backwards and forwards to work and for towing trailers to the dump or caravans on holiday so should not be too expensive.
Fraser went to Scouts tonight and had a good time, they made Anzac biscuits which he thoroughly enjoyed, cooking and eating, and he even saved two for his mum and dad, bless him.
For some reason we have felt absolutely knackered today, it might just be the weather but whatever it was, we were in bed asleep by 9pm.

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