Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's cold for the Sheilas

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Wednesday 14th May 2008
We were up at 6am this morning and feeling much better for having an early night, that is to say Ian was up at 6am, it was a bit cold this morning so Carolyn was hanging on till the last minute before she got out of bed. When we left the house to go to work just before 7am the boys had woken and were about to have breakfast while Marisa, who is not very good in the morning at the best of times, was refusing point blank to get out of bed because it was too cold.
Marisa eventually agreed to get out of bed but was demanding to wear tracksuit bottoms because of the cold and was told in no uncertain terms that she would have to wear school uniform, the fact that the school are not allowed to enforce a school uniform policy does not help our cause but we believe that wearing school uniforms is the right thing to do and do not want her going to school looking like a little Pikey.
We were quite busy at work today and spent a lot of the day baking our homemade delights; we are selling a lot of Quiche, Scones and Bread Pudding at the moment and are struggling sometimes to keep up with demand.
We want to expand our range of Homemade wares and are looking for other things to offer, Fliss made some Muffins this afternoon, the first lot were a bit flat but she got it right with the second batch and fortunately this time she didn’t get any stuck in her ring. Tomorrow Carolyn is going to attempt to cook a wholesome Soup because the locals have been going on about it for the last couple of weeks, it would appear that winter started a couple of weeks ago according to the locals, so we should be selling soup.
We went out in the afternoon to look at cars and found one that had only just been taken in by the garage, it is a Ford Futura AU II Sedan, which in English is a Ford something bigger than a Mondeo Saloon car with a 4 litre Petrol engine, it is Monsoon Blue, Automatic, has a Tow Bar and something that they call Smart Bars fitted on the front, apparently these are used to do lots of damage to Kangaroos that are daft enough to jump out in front of you, without damaging the car. Such thoughtful people these Aussies!
We are having the windows tinted on the car to reduce the heat from the sun and reduce the UV rays coming in, after all if we are going to increase the size of the hole in the Ozone layer with our 4 Litre engine we don’t want to be the ones to suffer for it. We should be able to pick the car up tomorrow.
Our computer Wireless Router at home is playing up again, first it would only allow one of us to go on line, now we can only get on line if we plug the wire into the computer. Carolyn is going to give the computer bods some grief tomorrow.

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