Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Tuesday 27th May 2008
We woke up this morning feeling a bit tired, a combination of man flu, late night discussing schools, early morning and a couple of tinnies, I hasten to add that the tinnies were before we went to bed while discussing schools and not early morning.
We went shopping for soup bowls today without much success, the bowls we are serving soup in at the moment are humungous and each portion is the equivalent of about a pint and is served with a roll, more than most would wish to eat.
We also had a look at a furniture shop (cheapy), but have decided that we will buy good quality instead, even though it will take a couple of years to kit the house out.
It was a busy day at the Café today, loads of soup and paninis, the kids came in after school for their dinner before rushing off so that Fraser could get ready for Scouts.
Fraser received a WA Police badge at Scouts tonight, it looks just like the ones on the Police Uniforms over here. They got it for listening to a talk from a Police Officer and are supposed to sew it onto their kit blankets, it would seem that they pick up quite a few of this type of badge over the years and by sewing it on their blanket it ensures they keep the collection together. He was pleased as punch to receive it.
We found out today that our resident spell chequeer is not feeling too good at the moment so if you see any speeling mistakes or errors in the gramma, please pretend that they are deliberate.
Get well soon.

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