Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Monday 26th May 2008
It was a quiet day at the office again today apart from the Paninis, they seemed to be the flavour of the day.
In the afternoon we had an appointment with the Principal at the school that we looked round the other day without finding out much about it, he had obviously been warned. As soon as we walked through the door he was apologising for the way our previous visit had gone and assuring us that it wouldn’t happen again.
He was smooth he had not long been in the job and had obviously got it because he was a salesman as much as anything else, the school has 700 pupils at the moment and they want to get it to 1200, you need a salesman in charge when chasing figures like that in a fee paying school.
We are still not 100% about the school, it has almost everything that we are looking for but it is not quite there, it is also not a cheap school to send kids to. He offered to get one of his executives to show us around again, assuring us that the school has a 100% take up rate when people have been shown round on a one to one basis, they must have several salesmen working for them.
Give him his due he did repair a lot of the damage that the visit had done, but his monologue which lasted about 20 minutes and covered almost all eventualities was obviously well rehearsed which if anything made us feel even more uneasy but for different reasons.
We will no doubt talk a bit more about this one before we make a decision.
We had a load of firewood delivered today, it is winter you know, they dumped it in the middle of the back garden so we have to hope we don’t get any rain until we get a chance to put it in the shed.
Marisa went to Guides tonight but has decided that she would rather go to cubs instead, at guides they seem to just muck about for 2 hours and she has decided that she needs something a bit more organised and disciplined. Kristian went to cubs and loved it as usual.
We spent the evening making 5 gallons of Cream of Vegetable Soup for the Café before doing a bit of number crunching and discussing said school, while supping a couple of tinnies of course.

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