Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pictures, you want more?

I only wish blogger was quicker at loading pictures, this fails a lot but here goes...
So... this is how we were living, lots of boxes, in all the rooms, that Carolyn gets to move around depending on which room is being decorated at the time. I am so glad that is over! We still have around a dozen boxes to go, but until we buy some furniture for the lounge, dining room and hall, the boxes stay. Items we have 'lost' are the laminator and the shredder! I don't think they will turn up somehow. However Carolyn has now used the blender (for the famous soup) which sat on the stairs at the pub for maybe 6 months, unused!
These cute things are on the Jetty in Busselton, there is a museum to the left and a shop middle and right where you can buy nautical things and furniture made out of original bits of Jetty wood (that explains why the Jetty is so precarious then) also tickets for the Underwater Observatory at the end of the Jetty which was fab! (we went on Mothers day) Click here for the Jetty and Observatory website. Click here for youtube footage of the underwater observatory.

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Anonymous said...

The links are great.

But I need to remember to look at the live web cams in your daytime, not ours! Will be back. xx