Thursday, May 22, 2008

Michelle's building blocks of life

Tuesday 20th May 2008
Another mad morning, Carolyn had a meeting with Fraser’s teacher at 8.30am and he got a glowing report, he doesn’t really let us know what he does at school, he can’t remember, so we generally assume that he has been getting away with doing very little. This is not the case and we were very pleased with the way he has or appears to have progressed, he still has difficulties in some subjects but then most kids do and now that we have been told what they are we can focus on them at home which we’re sure he will be impressed to hear.
After the meeting, Carolyn had to rush home to make Pumpkin soup, they love it over here apparently and think that we are weird for cutting out the middle and throwing it away, while keeping the outside with a candle in it until it goes soggy and we throw it out. The soup arrived at the same time as the lunchtime rush and went down quite well, a lot of the pensioners had already had their dinner at about 11am, after all they do get up early over here.
Considering it was pension day, it was not as busy as we expected but it was still a good day. The Panini’s arrived and the looked a bit like Hot Dog rolls, apparently the Bakers understudy had forgotten to place a tray on top of the Dough to stop it rising, result, it rose. We used them anyway, after all the dough mixture was the right one and we made sure that the filling we used were ones that would be toasted as a rule, result, when we toasted them they were flattened and looked a bit more presentable. Try again tomorrow.
Michelle’s Scones were a tad on the hard side and we are thinking of giving them to Busselton Shire for them to use as building materials, to repair the Jetty. Rodelle quickly made another batch and apart from a few broken denture plates, no damage was done. Even Michelle had to laugh when the jokes started flying about how much damage somebody could do if the recipe ever got out and other suitably childish jests about her culinary prowess. Unbowed by this not quite disaster with the Scones, she then announces that she wants to make a Quiche, to date Michelle has avoided getting to involved in the kitchen despite the fact that she is good in there and works well. So to encourage this new found enthusiasm Ian supervised Michelle making a Smoked Salmon and Broccoli Quiche and she did a good job, we’ll find out how good tomorrow when we cut it up and put it in the display cabinet.
The rest of the day was pretty tame really and we managed to be out of the Café by 5.10 pm, a rare occurrence indeed.
It was Fraser’s turn for Scouts tonight and he has volunteered himself to help the Salvation Army with their fundraising on Sunday, we asked him what he would be doing but he doesn’t know and it would appear that none of the Scouts know, they just Volunteered because that is what Scouts do.
We were going to have a bit of fish from the Fish and Chip shop tonight, unfortunately they were closed by 7.30pm so Ian, for fear that he might waste away overnight, had to eat a packet of Chocolate Biscuits instead. Carolyn had already eaten so she was just being a pig for wanting fish as well anyway, although we do worry about her.

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