Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jack 'O' Lantern

Friday 23rd May 2008
It chucked it down again last night and this morning, if they had this much in the UK most of East Anglia and the Severn Valley would be under water. As it is, we are living on a pile of sand and the water disappears almost as quickly as it lands, the only place we can find a puddle is on the tarmac, you can’t even find a patch of muddy grass.
We got ourselves a Soup Cauldron to put on the counter and sold gallons of Pumpkin Soup today which caught us a bit by surprise, after all who in their right mind would eat the waste product from a Hallo’een Pumpkin Jack O’Lantern (cut out Lamp thingy). The Panini sales have also shot up, we decided that there were too many fillings for the Paninis and reduced it to 4, this made choosing a lot easier and increased sales, or so we like to think. We will find out next week.
We have been looking at modernising the kitchen to make it more user friendly, and today one of the guys who came in to draw up plans for us, dropped them off. It is not going to be a cheap job and it is complicated at the moment by the possibility of the Shopping Centre being sold, as rumour has it the new owners will be doing a refurbishment so we don’t want to do too much in case they decide to rip it out. We will probably start by bringing in the equipment that is on wheels, then bring in the fixed equipment when we know what is happening.
Carolyn left the children at the café for tea while she shopped, then the four went home to watch Golden Compass again, the first DVD was so bad it stopped and started every time the story got interesting so it got exchanged, the new edition is satisfactory.
Ian wasn’t feeling too good tonight (a large dose of Man Flu we think) so we had an early night and some Ibuprofen.

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