Sunday, May 25, 2008

Eagles have Flown

Saturday 24th May 2008
Ian forced himself out of bed this morning albeit 30 minutes late, he was determined not to let this Extremely Large dose of Man Flu get the better of him. As it happened he might as well not have bothered, the shopping centre and the town centre in general were as dead as a Dodo.
It would appear that this phenomenon is brought about by the West Coast Eagles (Aussie Rules Football), every time they are playing a home game on a Saturday half the town jumps on a bus and heads for Perth. Just in case you’re confused by this, Perth is where they play their home games as opposed to playing their home games in Busselton so we’ll all go shopping in Perth. Just thought I’d better make that clear.
For some reason, probably the same one that decides when English Premiership games get played, namely money, the Eagles play their home games on either a Friday or Saturday evening. Because we are 3 hours away from Perth it is not really feasible to make the journey on a Friday, but play on a Saturday and the coaches are flying up the Freeway fully loaded.
By the end of the day it had turned out not too bad although the weather didn’t help, if this was the UK not only would you have lost most of East Anglia and the Severn Valley yesterday, but the Thames Barrier would have been raised today and most of North Kent and South Essex would be taking swimming lessons.
We ate todays leftover Paninis for tea tonight and they are bloody lovely, to date, Ian had not got round to eating a whole one and he was quite surprised how good they were, specially when you think that the Baker didn’t know what they were at the beginning of the week, it is obviously a good recipe book he’s got.
We watched the next instalment of the Batman trilogy in five bits (Ian doesn’t know what a 5 part trilogy is called), Batman won. This is the third film we’ve seen where he has told his new found love who he is, so why doesn’t anybody know who he is?
Picture it, a lovely looking girl with legs up to her armpits working in a dead end role as a police psychologist (stretching the imagination a bit), she falls in love with Batman because she likes rubber (plausible) and then decides that she has fallen in love with Bruce Wayne instead (plausible again). Bruce Wayne has got so much money that if she decides that she doesn’t love him after all, she can afford to buy a rubber factory out of the settlement should she so desire.
In these films the same girl doesn’t seem to, or at least hasn’t so far appeared in the next movie. Now bearing in mind that he goes off and finds a new girl each time, any split is not likely to be amicable and regardless of how much money Bruce Wayne has got, Max Clifford or some other Publicist would have got hold of the story by now and the whole world would know.
Therefore there can be only one conclusion, he does em in, kills em, he’s got enough money to buy off the police force, Commissioner Gordon isn’t going to rock the boat, after all what price a couple of girls with long legs buried under Wayne mansion for a safe law abiding society in Gotham City and the chance of keeping your job.
We then watched War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise, that is to say that we didn’t watch it with him, he was in it. Not bad but as it was semi based on Jeff Waynes version, we think it would have been better based in England, But if that were the case Tom Cruise wouldn’t have been in it and would probably be almost destitute by now, and we wouldn’t want that now would we.
Friends of ours from Axbridge, Ian and Nicole, now Laken got married today, they were supposed to get married last September when we were still in the UK but it kept getting put off until they were sure we were out of the country. We think that Nicole was worried that if we got Ian as drunk on his wedding day as we did on the night we talked him into proposing, he might end up spending the honeymoon in Detox.
All jokes apart, we hope you have a great life together and hope to see you sooner rather than later. We have been hunting for the Photo’s of Ian on bended knee that night and it is only a matter of time before we find them, when we do we will publish them here for you and the whole world to see. Have a great life.

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those be photos me want to see :)
(having bumped into Ian on his Stag night at the Lamb last weekend)