Sunday, May 4, 2008

All tired on the Western Front

Wednesday 30th April 2008
Usual early start again today and it isn’t getting any easier, at the moment Carolyn drives Ian in to work in the morning because we still only have the one car. Fortunately because Fliss is staying with us at the moment she keeps an eye on the kids until Carolyn gets back and gets them ready for school.
Ian is going to try to get in for 7am each morning because he doesn’t want to have to rush when he is setting everything up for the day, after many years of working late and getting up at a reasonable hour during the day the body clock is taking kindly to this role reversal.
We had to take the car into the body shop today to get the work done that the garage should have done before we picked it up, once the Café was staffed up at 9am we had to pick up a hire car and then drop off our car which is going to take until Friday afternoon to finish.
The day in the Café went quite well today, it ticked over for most of the day and as this is supposed to be the quietist time of the year we are happy with that. We are giving the staff too many hours at the moment and they will have to be trimmed down at some point, but while we are still learning the ropes we need them and will have to bear the cost.
The kids had a good day at school again today and had their evening meal at the Café, this is a great idea feeding them at the Café, no mess at home and no large bills for running the cooker and dishwasher.
In the evening we were all tired again so it was an early night for all, this going to bed early thing is not half as interesting as staying up late, having a couple of beers, a game of Table Skittles and a bit of banter with the punters, although when the evenings get lighter we will be able to go to the beach or out for a bike ride which might give us a bit more energy.

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