Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Busselton Grapevine

Tuesday 29th April 2008
Early start again today but not quite as early as yesterday, all the same Ian was there early to do as much as he could before Graham turned up, just to see how much he could remember. As it turned out there was not much to do because it had been fairly quiet yesterday and there are not many deliveries on a Tuesday.
The day started fairly quietly but by lunchtime the place was buzzing, unfortunately Carolyn had been called back to the house to oversee the laying of the last bit of carpet so we had to struggle through without her. Carolyn would normally be our backup during busy periods and is methodical about everything, today it was Ian the Superhero that came to the rescue in the kitchen, and he would have come to the rescue with a bit more style if he had remembered to turn on the second fryer (that’s the deep fat fryer not the girl working in the kitchen), but unfortunately it was just as the orders were starting to slow down that he noticed the second fryer had not been turned on (that’s still the deep fryer, not the other girl in the kitchen) by which time it was too late to worry about it so we struggled on through.
Opening for the extra couple of hours in the afternoon seems to be going down well, with a couple of complimentary comments from other shop staff and local shoppers. Today we had an elderly couple come in at about 3.30pm looking for a Coffee and a Sandwich, they had been all around town looking for somewhere to eat without any luck and one of the shop staff from a shop further down the street told them to come to us. A week ago that wouldn’t have happened, so perhaps the Busselton Grapevine works faster than we imagined.
We fed the kids at the Café after school which they thought was a great idea until they realised it would involve eating Fish and Salad, takes all the fun out of eating in your Mum and Dads Café really!
We still didn’t finish work until 5.30pm again today but we were a little bit more organised about it, well we would have been if Ian had managed to get his orders faxed off before Carolyn turned up with the kids and disturbed his train of thought. But hey, we’re laid back so whatever orders we didn’t ring through today we will go and pick up tomorrow.
We didn’t get quite as early a night as we had hoped because of family phoning and skypeing us and no doubt we will feel it tomorrow.


granny ho said...

sounds like a good start. Well done. Don't work too hard.

Little Nut Tree said...

it sounds like it's going so well!!!! Are you relaxing now?