Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ten months? really?

Ah well, I could apologise for not blogging in so long, but perhaps no one will see this so why bother :o)

The world continues to spin, the Cafe was busy in the peak summer months and carried on until autumn half term when things got very, very quiet.
We plugged away, staying open until mid December when we couldn't face it and took a well earned break with the offspring in sunnier climes!

Oh how lovely to see the sun again, laze on a beach watching the family learn to windsurf, make good friends with people we want to stay in touch with, whose kids get on with our kids, just fab.

I will gloss over the nasty-ness of insurance work taking weeks not days and stress and worry and other such things because no one wants to read about that, probably.

Spring has sprung, birthdays have been celebrated, GCSE exams are being sat, College places have been won, well Fraser has got into college, bit early for the others yet.


Unknown said...

I came. I saw. I read. And I did warn you about England ~ the cold wet bit.☺

Glowstars said...

I can't believe Fraser is old enough to go to college now!