Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Moving on

A little update for you.

We have had the final inspection on the house, had a leaving party for the kids and around 20 friends at the local pool, we had a little get together at Occys Brewery with our Scouting friends including live music from our very own DJ Macca and his band Soul Survivors which was lovely. Had a great time catching up with people we usually only see for a short time each week.

We had 2 garage sales, on 2 Saturdays, and sold pretty much everything. Just a gas fire and a fridge and freezer and some kids toys left. Most will go to charity shops, the fridge and freezer we will ship if we don't sell them this week and the fire.... I need someone to buy a gas fire. It won't work in England!

Ians Car has gone :o( bye bye A GUNNER he was a nice car. Mine is sold but the buyer is letting us keep it till we are in Perth and ready to leave which is pretty cool, thanks Dan!

Tonight is the last scouts, last night Marisa said goodbye to her Drama Llamas, next weekend we are on our own (yippee) Marisa is in Perth doing YWAM, helping the homeless for her last few days of school and the boys have a final Scout camp. We will be left surrounded by boxes and possessions waiting to be backed by the movers next Monday and then we are off on Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Or Thursday. Depending on when the camel delivers our $$ to the bank!

We have organised a few drinks with friends which should be fun, we have already been out to dinner, again, with 'our' staff we miss them, we have been out to lunch with lovely friends we met as customers in the cafe a long, long time ago :o) a handful of catchups to go and we are done.

I think we need to rename the blog, I'm pretty sure 'There and back again' has already been taken.

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Merry said...

So... WHERE and WHEN are you coming back?