Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sad day

Today three years ago my Mum died, I can't believe it is 3 years already. I felt like a fraud being so miserable when in the UK it hadn't happened yet, even though it was 3 years ago....weird huh?

To stop a miserable day being simply dismal Mr Hojo drove us out to the Cape Naturaliste Lighhouse where we had a cup of coffee (only sold in takeaway cups boo) and went for a walk around the coastline. Simply gorgeous and lovely to see how much the area has regrown after the huge bushfire that almost wiped out the lighthouse. We stuck to a level walk as we were a little sore after our trek yesterday, for the locals we walked from Broadwater to Siesta Park and back again, for non locals a flippin long way! 10k I guess as we went the long way both times.
The less flat path takes you past the whale lookout where we have walked as a family a fair amount.

Todays pictures are wildly different to April 2009 after the burn.

We wandered around Dunsborough for a while and went home as someone wanted to buy the Kayak (yay). We had many hours of fun on that little kayak but we have to clear out so off it went to it's new home.


Ganeida said...

I forget, sometimes, that my brother is dead & find myself hoarding some trivia that would have amused him only to suddenly remember it will have to wait rather longer than I was anticipating. I don't think it gets easier. One merely learns to live with the pain.

The HoJo's said...

Oh yes, I do that too, so frustrating when I remember that by the time I get to say it I will have forgotten it all!

thanks for popping by


Ganeida said...

You got lucky. Blogger isn't letting me comment some places. ♥ Hope the caf stuff got sorted nicely. What a to~do, hey?

Jennifer said...


but on the up side - at least you updated your blog for a change! ;) *grin*.

Thinking of you from way over here, and wondering when you'll be back....?

The HoJo's said...

Ganeida, the cafe stuff is mostly sorted, will be there soon though :o)

Jennifer we are wondering too, every cloud etc etc... :o)