Sunday, April 10, 2011

I love my blog

sadly there are people who aren't loving and caring. They leave comments that I don't let my readers see. You know why? because I love every person I 'know' that reads my blog. Some of them I have never met, but they give me something special that melts my heart. If I met them IRL I would hug them like my life depended on it. Some things are more precious that I can say and I thank you for it. All of you :o)



Dan said...

Fact: people are dicks ;) The more annoying thing about knob head comments is that they do it anonymously... Sad little people.

Sod the lot of them, as long as youre happy!

Suburban Mum said...

Some people can be really mean. And cowardly too - I bet they don't leave their real name!

You do the right thing by deleting them rather than rising to it.

I read all the time, promise! x

Ganeida said...

If your blog loves me today I can leave this here, otherwise...I'm not the troll. I swear I'm not the troll. ☺

jennifer said...

Now I want to see the nasty comments and know who the nasty people are so I can stomp on them! *grin*

Anonymous said...

I love your blog too. Sorry you have had bad comments. I agree with what everyone has already said. I don't comment much but I am usually anonymous because it is simply eaiser for me. I use the grandmothe name my 32 yr. old grandson gave me,but I am not a troll. Keep on as you are and what Dan said. Mimi

The HoJo's said...

Thanks guys, I had to laugh it appears I am related to all of you :oD who knew?

Thanks for the kind messages and no J, they are feeble and don't leave a name so no stomping ;o)


The HoJo's said...

Oh and thank you Mimi for your comment, I do know you aren't the troll and I appreciate you letting me know you read here :o)
I don't object to people being anon, so long as they sign out with a name and aren't offensive to me or my friends, it is that easy!


Jennifer said...

We are so not related (be grateful, it means your gene pool is the bit cleaner) and no fair - I wanna stomp! I have 14 hole DMs and everything! *grin*.

Actually maybe I could be a troll. I'd make a good troll... ;)

Anonymous said...

ooohhh im an anymagus anonymas anoying no thats not the one Anonymous thats the one. ooohhhh pick me pick me i want to be a troll and a mouse all in one ;)hey mum
x missy

The HoJo's said...

pfffffffft I wonder who you are related to :o) x Mum