Friday, December 24, 2010

A Merry Aussie Christmas

This one smiles to order.

This one doesn't

He does this, scary!!!

This one doesn't either

Until you beg

So now you can see how much they have changed since last time you saw them, some people a couple of days, some 3 years, some never :o)

It is in the high thirties here, ridiculously hot! I know, many if you are struggling with burst pipes and frozen chicken poo, but yes, we are too hot already.

The bad weather in the UK has affected the post badly, I shall look forward to reading Christmas cards in the New Year, I hope you do too, those of you in the UK who usually get cards from us, they are on their way. If I am in contact with you mainly on line then MERRY CHRISTMAS and a SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

The school year ended with prize giving for the senior school, both Missy and Fraser were up on stage collecting awards which is always lovely :o) shame they weren't there long wnough to get decent photos. Kristian was on stage in the Christmas production which was sweet and funny, particularly a friend of his playing the part of their teacher, hysterical. Not a big production like we were used to at the English schools but amusing enough.

We have had a quiet start to the holidays at home, Marisa mainly sleeps or is at the Theatre for the Panto, exhausting but such fun, she loves it and we can't wait to see it, must hurry up and buy tickets..... just rushed off to raid Missys bag, we get one free ticket per family, just as well as we will probably go twice as she is a dwarf one night and a maid and in the chorus the next night and we would like to see her do both.

I took the kids to see Dawn Treader and loved it, I sat on my own in absolute peace and the kids met up with friends and probably muttered all through it, but I care not. Ian wasn't bothered about going so we left him at work, we have also seen HP7 and enjoyed that, but really if we hadn't read the book we would have been lost (sorry Ian, you were lost)

Getting ready for Christmas out here is a quiet effort. We have family coming on Christmas morning which will be lovely, we have also broken with tradition and invited friends for dinner and a couple more in the evening for drinks. Almost sociable we are!

Christmas eve service tonight, it isn't like church in the UK but it will be joyful and we will know lots of people there so will be a lovely start to the 4 day break.
Early start for the children on Christmas morning, a few presents and off to Meelup beach for a swim until we can bear the flies no more and home for turkey and salads at around 5pm. The garden is looking lovely but we will only eat out there if the flies aren't too bad otherwise we will eat indoors and go out later when it cools a little.

We tried using our old woodburning stove in the patio, it heated it beautifully but was too smokey so we shall have to hope everyone is tough enough because we will stay out all night (well till 10pm at least)

We had hoped to fit in a dog walk on the local beach, a short 2 min stroll away, but I think we have over booked ourselves, unless we go early in the morning before our guests arrive.

This noisy little frog make a big mistake venturing into the dog yard, pinned in a corner by two ridiculously large dogs it squeeled like a pig and scared them off, only to be growled at by the cat, locked in of course for the night, boy was he noisy. I hope he found somewhere more sensible to stay.

A safe and Happy Christmas to you all

xxxxx The Hojos

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