Saturday, September 4, 2010

How was your Thursday?

Mine went like this....

Wake up and spend an hour looking for a missing school jumper. Usually I couldn't care if they freeze ;o) but it was photo day and they must wear full winter uniform....still no jumper.

The car is full of junk to go to the tip so I can't tell if the jumper is under the folded down chairs.

Friend arrives and drives kids to school as I have no seats, still covered by aforementioned junk for the tip.

Go to school, leave kids at auditorium to queue for photo spot as we would like a group one. Go into ofice and fill out form for friend who forgot and lives a ridiculous distance away from school, fill out form for group pohoto as I lost mine.

Find child and give form to her, get nice hug.

Borrow jumper from Kristians school friend, run back to Auditorium to see children leaving.

Erm no..... they have already had a picture taken, get dragged back in, wearing full set of jumpers, refuse to have picture taken in standard formation, how dare I choose my pose, after all I'm only paying for this in advance.

Leave auditorium, return jumper to lovely boy, grovel to nice uniform shop lady and borrow one so Kristian has one for later in the day when the individuals are taken.

Phone rings, answer daft question and promise to ring lack later (I won't remember).

Leave school in heaviy laden car. Drive to junk yard to offload the metal which is of use to a friend.

Answer phone again, elderly friend I have been visiting daily for the last 6 months or so died last night. Very sad but kind of relieved it is over for her, she has had a horrible few weeks. Ring her hubby for a chat. No one is at the yard so unload off roof bars by self, not recommended, nearly lost a side window! Notice metal has leaked rust all down the back and sides of the car overnight. Nice. Guard dog barks at me the entire time. Drive off feeling rubbish.

Get to tip and read sign which says tip is open but does not accept rubbish Monday to Friday!!!........ erm, hardly useful.... drive in anyway and am given directions to Dunsborough.
Drive out, call Ian and tell him I'll be 2 hours late for work. Bawl eyes out. Notice fuel guage is flashing.

Drive half way to Dunsborough, stop to refuel, lovely lady asks how my day is going and probably wishes she hadn't. Says all the right things. Drive to Dunsborough, fuel light no longer flashing, hurrah.

Get to tip, hand over tip pass, we get 2 free ones a year, how much would it cost I ask? $2 plus half a tank of fuel!

Drive to open landfill and hurl stuff into pit, quite theraputic really, if not a little smelly and scary, not fond of gulls swooping me.

Wave favourite old sterio goodbye, it is older than Fraser, from back when a 3 disc cd changer was the height of cool.

Drive to Dunsborough, stop at a favoutire cafe for a takeaway coffee, I guess I earned it.

Drove home.

Faffed for a bit, got cleaned up and went to work so late I had lunch and left.

Dropped a frige off to someone that needed it and went to get the kids and take them to swimming.

Get phone call at pool, did I hear the news..... comiserated with each other for a bit and ranted about the tip being open but not accepting runnish... "didn't you know that" she asks? well durrrrr.....

crap day.

Yes the jumper was wedged under the seat, kinda obvious really.

Drove Missy to Drama, came back, ate too fast and picked her up again, drank beer and slept well.

The end and no more like it please.


Ganeida said...

Oh please. No more like that ever. Just reading it nearly had me in tears & reaching for a HUGE caffine hit! How did you do it?

Merry said...


I can only avoid days like that by doing nothing :/

I loved the card btw :) Thank you :)

The HoJo's said...

G funnily enough, it as a saga worthy of you and yours! not worth me going back and changing all the typos though. Ghastly day.

M good, you were meant to, I loved it too


Unknown said...

Hi. Got up at 4am to go to meeting in Manchester care of virgin trains - not many of those these days - anyway return journey booked for 1535 meeting ends early so been at station since 1200, Mr Virgin won't let me get an earlier train unless I give them £36.50, so am sitting in Starbucks being grumpy old man and getting high on cafein. Still little one your day sounded CRAP. love to kids G.U.P

The HoJo's said...

Thanks P :o)

hee hee WV = pommi