Friday, April 9, 2010

In my handbag today

I am shocking at joining in with memes and awards so why am I doing one I wasn't invited to? because I can :o)
Jen has shown the contents of her bag, so shall I.


is my fave going out bag, gotta love Radley :o) matching purse and cute coin purse, a present from Vic which I use often. Yay for unexpected gifts! Also the essential phone (which can't be used for twittering or facebooking, grumble)


is the current day bag which is rapidly wearing out, purse, black hair elastic in case I have to help at the cafe, red discs in a bag, very important these are, two of these puts one child in a play area for two hours, a bargain and I am not looking forward to the kids outgrowing this. Petrol receipt, a coffee card for somewhere I would rather go to have pins in my eyes than drink coffee and I really don't want pins in my eyes,I shall throw the card out now! Blank paper and a mobile recharge voucher as I am out of month on my phone again but won't put the recharge on until I need to make a call. The gold disc is a souvenir from Ngilgi Caves about 15 mins up the road where the chap in the cafe makes a very nice coffee, true, I am generally very rude about coffee attempts around here but his is very nice thank you, a bit strong for me but a jug of hot water makes it all better :o).


Suburban Mum said...

I *love* that red bag. So pretty!
And I'm a sucker for Radley too... unfortunately can't afford one at the moment :( I do have a small Radley purse though.

Thanks for taking part in the meme, I'll definitely tag you on the next one :)


The HoJo's said...

I'll let you in on a secret, for 3 years my parents gave us John Lewis vouchers for xmas so we could buy yummy stuff to decorate the flat above the pub coz they knew we wouldn't spend any money making it nice and for 3 years we saved the vouchers so we could get some nice lights and fittings, then we decided to sell the pub and move to Oz, so we went to John Lewis in Bristol ( Cribbs Causeway) and spent the £££££ on Meeeeee (handbag and purse a la Radley) so worth it and I love them both dearly and hubster loves me dearly so it is all good and Mummy and Daddy paid for it :o) and that si good too!

Posh Totty said...

Arghhh I keep meaning to do this meme and keep forgetting about it.

The HoJo's said...

I reckon you are just waiting till you have time to clean out all the dusty sweeties ;o)