Monday, March 15, 2010

Craig David

Saturday 13th march 2010

Craig David eh, now there’s a blast from the past.

Why are we mentioning Craig David you might ask, has he moved to Busselton you might ask, can anyone remember what he was famous and part of the job means that he has to introduce himself as Craig David (because we’d be impressed with that), but not only does he have to introduce himself by name, he has to do it in pigeon English whilst putting on an Indian accent.
Now Ian felt that this was demeaning to the great man, after all, everyone seems to remember his name even if they don’t know why or what for, but he must have been reasonably good at something at some point in his previous career for him to be remembered like that.
So Ian, getting all emotional as he is wont to do when seeing people fall from greatness, put the phone down on him, after all if this company was so good, how is it that he, who probably made more money in his nanosecond of greatness than we will in our lifetime, is reduced to pretending to be an Indian call centre operator instead of living off his well invested money.
Just in case you’re interested, Craig David is not as far as we know, moving to Busselton, we can’t even get someone with a decent Indian accent to work in the curry house down here.
Carolyn thinks Craig David might have been famous in the eighties but doesn’t really care, Ian has heard the name before but doesn’t know why, the girls at work think that he was probably famous in the year 2000, but that has probably got more to do with the fact that they are so young, none of them can remember anything before 2000, although one of them does think they know of a song that he sang and told Ian what it was called, unfortunately Ian was distracted at that exact same moment and missed it.

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Suburban Mum said...

Yeah I remember... he sang that song... how did it go?

Moved to India on Monday
Got a new job on Tuesday
I was taking calls on Wednesday
And on Thursday and Friday and Saturday
I chilled on Sunday