Monday, December 14, 2009

Rubbish bloggers really

How long since we blogged? really? oops

ah well, I guess we will have to condense November into one post sometime soon and get over it!

In the mean time we are working hard, kids are well, Christmas cards are going to be late, such is life.

Here are some old pics to keep us amused, the publication of which may never be forgiven, but we are a long way away so.... come and get us if you want them taken down :o)

I and N get engaged! awww, note I haven't posted pics from the night of the proposal ;o)Why did we sit in the grottiest part of the pub? was it just because it was near the juke box? I should probably pretend that none of those drinks were mine, but hey. They got married just after we left England boo hoo and looked gorgeous.

sigh, were my kids really ever this small? That boat took Ian hours to build.

ahhhhh just wait till the kids see these :oD


Ganeida said...

Thought you'd disappeared into the blogosphere. Nice to see you still have a bit of a kick in you.

Posh Totty said...

Great pics, sometimes the old pics are the best :O)