Sunday, November 8, 2009

Goat Pie

Sunday 1st November 2009
We went to the market down at the foreshore this morning, there were quite a lot of people about but we didn’t find anything of interest so we drove to Bunbury, to have a look round up there.
We drove straight to the waterfront at Bunbury and found a small market that we hadn’t realised existed, again there wasn’t much that interested us, apart from a pie stall, it was manned by a lady of African decent and she offered us a taster of a few pies, they were great especially the Goat pie and if we had got a cool box in the car we would have brought a few home, as it was we weren’t hungry enough to eat one then and we didn’t have a cool box in the car, so we didn’t get any, but we’ll be ready next time.
Whilst in Bunbury we managed to find Marisa some cheap boardies (shorts) that will do her through the summer, for a girl she’s not that bad to buy shorts and trousers for, she is so small and skinny that they last for years, the shorts she was wearing today were for age 7-8 and they were only just starting to get tight.
On the way back we stopped off at the Farmers Market and loaded up with fruit for the week, we were hoping to grab some bunny Veg as well but there must have been someone just in front of us that had emptied all the bins.
When we got home we took the puppies for a walk along the beach, we had intended to go for a coffee at the beach shack, but as the warm weather is here and there are plenty of people wandering around, they have closed it for refurbishing and we haven’t got a clue when or if it will be reopening, so we had a coffee at Broadwater Bar and Grill (stilts).
After coffee we walked home and watched Escape to Witch Mountain with the kids, quite a good film and ideal for the kids.


jennifer said...

it's awfully quiet 'round here...

The HoJo's said...

YEAH, sorry about that :o) I am ill, we are working very hard, we collapse in the evenings except tues which is puppy training.
Then we collapse.
We will catch up again...eventually!

thanks for dropping by


Jennifer said...

Hope you feel better soon - am just coming down with icky cold myself so can sympathise! :)

Ganeida said...

Yikes! I thought it had been quiet from this direction but we have been so busy I'm sort of losing the plot [well totally losing it but it never does to say so, does it?]

Hope you are well soon, the busyiness is productive & all is well with the Hojos.