Thursday, October 15, 2009

Robin Hood

Monday 5th October 2009
Today the Café was so quiet that we were closed by 3pm and Ian was able to drive with Carolyn, up to Mandurah to meet the kids at the station after there weekend with Ians sister.
Driving any distance over here is not fun, yes the roads are wide and empty, but the speed limits are not high enough to make you concentrate on your driving and as the WA government seems to rely on speeding fines as a main source of income, there are too many mobile speed traps around, so is not worth taking the risk of speeding.
It took us just under 2 hours to get there and had managed to drink half a cup of coffee before Sharon and the kids arrived, trains seem to run on time over here, how novel is that?
We all went down to the foreshore in Mandurah for a bite to eat before putting Sharon back on the train, and heading back to Busselton.
The foreshore at Mandurah can’t be more than about thirty years old, but everything has been built out of concrete blocks and leased out.
The owners want to maximise their returns so don’t spend money tarting the places up, the lessees don’t own the places so don’t spend money tarting them up, hence the place looks like Southend on Sea in the 1970’s, but with more modern buildings and less of an excuse to be in that condition, it makes the area look really rundown, when with it’s position it should be the envy of all.
We got lost taking Sharon to the station but got there eventually and headed back to Busselton with three quiet kids, they were absolutely worn out after their weekend, but had a great time.
On the way back from Mandurah we got a phone call from the mother of our newest member of staff, his name is John and he loves tinkering, engines, computers, you name it and he will tinker with it.
Today was Johns day off so he had been tinkering at home and had made himself a Bow and Arrow, the reason for his mothers phone call was that after making his Bow and Arrow, when he tried to fire it, he managed to shoot himself, only in the thumb, but nevertheless managed to shoot himself.
Just that little snippet could sum John up really, so just to make it a bit more interesting, when he was trying to pull the arrow out of his thumb, a piece broke off and being made of wood was difficult to see to remove.
The upshot of this was that he and his mum spent several hours this afternoon in the hospital trying to get him patched up, he ended up with a hole in his thumb that was heavily bandaged so would be unable to work tomorrow.
When he comes back to work we are going to call him Robin.


Vic said...

I can see John and the cafe's machines making some very interesting blog posts in the future....

The HoJo's said...

*words may fail me*


Ganeida said...

Mind~boggling, m'dear. And you see fit to employ this lad? Ah well, as Vic says, some interesting posts headed our way...

Elena said...

an indication of john's age is missing... with his habits he surely cant be older than 19??