Saturday, October 17, 2009

Robin Hood Returns

Wednesday 7th October 2009
Robin Hood (John) came back to work again today and looked suitably unimpressed by his new nickname.
His thumb was quite heavily strapped up and he kept going on about how he thought that he wouldn’t be able to do any washing up as he couldn’t get it wet, so Ian produced the commercial grade gauntlets that we use for heavy cleaning duties.
The gauntlets are almost as big as him so after coming to the conclusion that they would look a bit stupid on somebody with such skinny arms, he used some normal washing up gloves instead, made sure he was careful and shut up about it for five minutes, giving us all a break.
It was another quiet day though as far as trade was concerned, the little spell of good weather that we are getting at the moment seems to be keeping the public out of the shopping centres.
The kids had a good day playing with their mates until one of them, their mate that is, tried to get Kristian to stick his foot into the spokes of his bike while cycling along, only to get his own foot stuck in his own spokes, mangling his front wheel and his foot.
As he went A over T, he knocked Marisa off her bike and caused her to get a small cut and bruise, so he wasn’t flavour of the month with her and as the boys thought that what he had done was stupid, he was a bit sheepish about the whole ordeal and kept pretty much to himself for the rest of the day.
When his mum came to pick him up in the evening because his bike wasn’t fit to ride home and found out what had happened, she was not best pleased and we reckon his ears might be bleeding for a few days yet.
In the evening we had a family film night with the kids, we watched Van Helsing with that fella who has the metal blades that come out of him in X-Men.
Marisa has been nagging us for ages to watch Van Helsing and we haven’t let her because we thought that it is more suitable for older children than her, but tonight we decided to let her see it and although Kristian was there too, we knew that it would all go straight over his head anyway so he wasn’t an issue.
If we had let Marisa watch it when she first asked she would then have been demanding to watch even more adult films and within a couple of weeks she would have been watching Snuff Movies and demanding a Chainsaw for Christmas, as it is she is now content that she has seen it and will not push us for a little while.

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Vic said...

There's still plenty of time for M to ask for that chainsaw for Christmas... Either that or a machine gun.