Friday, September 11, 2009

What Shall We Do

Saturday 29th August 2009
Ian had his usual stressful Saturday at the Café working with a load of young girls who might just have the memory span of a goldfish, if you put them all together.
Most of them have worked for us for about a year now, doing the same thing every Saturday and weekdays during school holidays, and every week it’s “what shall we do”, that’s assuming they don’t prefer to stand around chatting, in which case they leave out the “what shall we do” and wait for Ian to get the hump and tell them what to do.
They are not all like it, all the time, it just feels like it sometimes, usually on a Saturday, when there is only one who has gone out of her way to find out what her job is and to be interested in it and will get on with things.
The others to be honest weren’t as bad as normal, so maybe Ian flying off the handle at them is starting to sink in, although he’s still convinced that some of them see it as a day out with the girls while getting paid.
When we become citizens, Ian is going to try out some other staff motivation techniques on them, he has already filled out the Shotgun licence application form in nervous anticipation.


Vic said...

The same thing used to drive me up the wall when working with Saturday kids. You're right though - it does seem like a paid day out with friends when you're that age.
The shotgun license is a great idea - I found that lobbing the sharp corners of CD cases at their heads was also highly effective.

Ganeida said...

lol First the staff then the bunnies. Hey, I didn't know you wanted to be proper Aussies [as oppossed to pretend ones] When do we celebrate?